Vulture Awareness Project Zululand

Funds Raised to date: R600.00

Funds needed to print 1 000 books: R9 000.00

About the project

The primary objective of this project is to raise awareness among the local communities of Zululand, specifically in the region between Magudu and Pongola, where vultures utilize the valley as a breeding site, and are confronted with numerous challenges that threaten their survival and prosperity. Wildkidsbooksa is dedicated to equipping every school in the area with educational materials that impart knowledge about vulture species, their ecological significance, the perilous situations they face, and the collaborative efforts required to safeguard these remarkable birds from extinction.

We are working closely with the Wildlife Act to ensure this project is spearheaded in the right direction.  Books are created by Kayleigh at no cost and printing of the books will rely on funds raised. The end goal is to eventually provide educational material, in a variety of languages, across all of South Africa and eventually along the routes that vultures travel.

The project will expand to other critically endangered species as well.

We need your help. Please consider supporting this initiative before it is too late.


Please support the project by purchasing a water bottle.

R350.00 ea

Vultures of South Africa Poster

A beautiful poster featuring all the species of South African Vultures with important information on each one.

All profit goes towards the conservation of vultures in South Africa